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My name is Emilija. I am a passionate dog lover and owner of Cherry. I started living my dream life since July 2018 when I quit my long-time corporate job. For a long time, I had this feeling deep down inside of me that I need a connection to dogs in my life. I was too scared to admit it. I dreamed that I would love to be a dog breeder and be surrounded by a gang of big furry fellas, then maybe start my own hotel for dogs or have my own shop for dogs where they could be treated exclusively and feel only positive emotions.  Still idea for the future! But then I started thinking small. Where can I start off today? And my own experience with my beloved Cherry suggested the answer for me.   

We were struggling for years with her beds. Any bed that she had was not good enough for her it seemed. She destroyed them or abandoned them.  I was not happy. Bed's design was always not matching the loftish style of our home, and secondly, most importantly... my dog was unhappy. And this was sad to see her not enjoying her night's sleep or daily nap time. And where it hurt there it was - my Eureka moment! I decided to create Cherry's own sofa that is stylish and adds a nice touch to a modern home and is durable and gives the best comfort for her. 


So here it is, myfella sofa. Your dog's own sofa.